Organized by: IEEE WIE Workshops Subcommittee and WIE AG, IEEE Kerala Section

Date: 15th th July, 2017 , (2 pm to 4 pm),  Venue: Le-Meridien, Cochin, Kerala, Room– Manapuram 1

Benefit/Outcome:  The participants will embrace the vision and initiatives of IEEE WIE in 2017 to lead, engage and Inspire others.  The overall workshop will create a wide platform to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences among all, which will definitely help the female students and engineers in streamlining the role of them in the development of the technical society around. The understanding about the progress of modern research will be enhanced through technical talk on recent technologies. The professional, industrial, leadership talks and Panel discussion will create an interesting scope of knowledge sharing for the female participants and will also help them to empower themselves with appropriate guidelines about their career development in the Male-dominated Engineering profession. This will also serve the purpose of benefiting the WIE community in Kerala and encourage new women students, researchers and professionals in Kerala to join IEEE and WIE. This IEEE WIE workshop and panel discussions at TENSYMP 2017 will bring visibility and build network among women through sharing research, community activities, technical contributions, outreach , leadership, etc..


  • Dr. Celia Shahnaz, 2017 Co-chair, IEEE WIE Workshops Subcommittee
  • Dr.  Rajashree Jain, Chair, WIE, IEEE India Council
  • Dr. Surekha Rajendra Deshmukh, Treasurer, IEEE Pune Section
  • Deepika BR, Product Manager, CISCO Systems.


Panel Discussion:

Theme: Engineering Career Development issues in IEEE WIE


  1. Jyothi Ramaswami, Past WIE Chair, IEEE Kerala Section(The Chair of the first WIE AG in R10)
  2. Gomathy, Past Chair, IEEE Kerala Section (The first female Engineer graduated from Kerala University)

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Program Chair of the Workshop and Contact person: Prof. Dr. Celia Shahnaz,
2017 Co-chair, IEEE WIE Workshops Subcommittee, Email :

Program Co-Chair of the Workshop:
Prof.Sunitha Beevi.K, Chair , IEEE WIE AG, Kerala Section , Email :